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  • Mentors : Neville Tranter
  • Country : France
  • From 2nd to 18th July (13 days / 91 hours)
  • Workshop place : École Nationale Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette
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At the heart of this workshop, there is the work of Kurt Weill, his berliner period (1919-1933), the encounter with the instruments puppet and voice, directed by a great puppet master, Neville Tranter (Stuffed Puppet Theatre) accompanied by a pianist, Françoise Perpète.

The workshop will close with a public presentation, in the form of a Cabaret of course!

The objectives of the workshop are multiple:
• Acquiring and developing skills specific to puppet animation.
• Knowing how to maintain the illusion of the object's autonomy by working on the dissociation body/object.
• Associating the work of singing with the instrumental practice.
• Working in conjunction with another on the question of performance.
• Combining the rhythmic rigour of manipulation with that of the music.
• Connecting these disciplinary fields around the common notion of rhythm.
• Uniting this work with Cabaret dramaturgy by exploring the repertoire from the interwaryears of Kurt Weill, from expressionism to the Roaring Twenties.

Neville Tranter, originally from Australia, founded the Stuffed Puppet Theatre. He settled in the Netherlands in 1978. He has incontestably become one of the masters of life-sized puppets and the virtuosity of his very personal style - related to ventriloquism - is impressive.

His performances, frequently treating controversial subjects, have won him international acclaim. Though he often performs as a solo player, on several occasions he has worked with other artists as director, puppet manipulator or puppet creator.

All of his creations have toured internationally. Among the most recent shows, we might mention: Punch & Judy in Afghanistan (2009), Mathilde (2013), The King (2015) and Babylon (2017).

Neville Tranter has held a special interest in the combination of music - particularly classical - and puppetry for a long time.
With Holland Diep (Dordrecht/NL) in 2005, Tranter took part in the realization of a Xenakis opera: Oresteia. In 2006 he went on tour with the Osiris Trio with Dierigenten, a children's puppet show using classical music. In 2007 he was guest-director of the Bern Freitagsakademie in Switzerland, for Acis & Galatea (Händel). In 2010 he again worked with Freitagsakademie on Dido & Aeneas (Purcell). In 2012 and 2014 he directed and made the puppets for La Maison qui chante (Jolas) and Courte Longue Vie du Grand Petit Roi (Markeas) with Ars Nova Ensemble Instrumental/Carosse d'Or. In 2016 Neville Tranter worked with the combined music schools of Bern for a concert with puppetry: Sofies Traumreise.


Pianist Françoise Perpète teaches at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental Ardenne Métropole. She is the accompanist for choir, singing and instrumental classes.
After having obtained a Bachelor's degree in musicology, she was first of all a primary school teacher, and has retained from that experience a particular attachment to transmitting knowledge and to teaching.
She continued her studies at the Reims conservatory in the class of David Selig. She finished with a degree in piano, specializing in accompaniment.
Since her training, where she got initiated particularly into vocal accompaniment, melody and lied, she has accompanied singers, vocal ensembles and choirs in her region. She has worked, for instance, with singers Thierry Grégoire, Valérie Millot, Hadhoum TUn and Carole Uva, as well as with the Don Pérignon and the A Tempo choirs...





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