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Through the different activities of its Research center, the Institute wishes to encourage fundamental research on the arts of puppetry, foster the process of artistic creation, reinforce the links between the communities of research and those of creation, and share these approaches with the public.


http://icima.hypotheses.org (French language)


Research programme carried by the Centre National des Arts du Cirque (National Circus Arts Center, Châlons-en-Champagne, France) and the Institut International de la Marionnette (International Institute of the Puppetery, Charleville-Mézières, France).



image colloque Marionnettes et pouvoir @ Institut International de la MarionnetteInternational conference

Organization: Institut Internatuional de la Marionnette / ESNAM

Auditorium, Médiathèque Voyelles, Charleville Mézières (France)




This international conference will bring together researchers and artists to reflect on their understanding of censorship, propraganda and resistance examinated during several symposiums that took place since 2012. From obvious disobedience to suggestive circumventing, from militant commitments to self-interested cooperation, from offensive to strategic fall back, we will try to find out how puppets and/or puppeteers took part of modern and contemporany history of the relationships between puppet theatre and power (political, legal, economical, religious, etc.), and in power plays which go through it, whether actively (as actors in it) or in a passive manner (as victims of it). The conference will be organised around three general aspects: 1) the Power of Puppetry; 2) the Puppet of Crisis; 3) Militancy and self-regulation: History and currents politics and economic structure of the profession.

Download the programme.


Scientific directors and co-organizers of the conference: Raphaèle Fleury (Docteur en Littérature, Responsable du Pôle Recherche et Documentation de l'Institut International de la Marionnette) et Julie Sermon (MCF Arts du spectacle, Université Lumière- Lyon 2)

Scientific committee: Hélène Beauchamp (MCF Littérature comparée, Université Toulouse-Le Mirail) ; John Bell (Directeur du Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry, University of Connecticut) ; Amos Fergombé (PR Arts du spectacle, Université d'Artois) ; Raphaèle Fleury (Docteur en Littérature, Responsable du Pôle Recherche et Documentation de l'Institut International de la Marionnette) ; Gary Friedman (Marionnettiste, Australie) ; Joël Huthwohl (Directeur du département des Arts du spectacle Bibliothèque nationale de France) ; Chantal Meyer-Plantureux (PR Arts du spectacle, Université de Caen) ; Olivier Neveux (PR Arts du spectacle, Université Lumière- Lyon 2) ; Didier Plassard (PR Arts du spectacle, Université Paul Valéry-Montpellier 3) ; Julie Sermon (MCF Arts du spectacle, Université Lumière- Lyon 2) ; Jean-Claude Yon (PR Histoire, Université de Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines).


Residency programmes for Research
Resident of both programmes (with or without grant) may use the resources in the documentation centre, with personalised assistance, and possible contacts with the partners of IIM. They will stay in the Villa d'Aubilly.

Laboratories, colloquia and study days

As an observer of research into the arts of puppetry, the Research Centre also plays an active role. It participates in cycles of research (initiative of an international project on linguistic research into the lexicon of puppetry ; cycle Censorship, propaganda, resistance in partnership with the BnF and THEMAA ; exchanges on the concept "Other Arts" as part of the Labex ARTS-H2H programme) laboratories and study days, or with the organization of international colloquia. Thus in 2012 in Charleville the colloquium Über-marionettes and Mannequins: Craig, Kantor and their contemporary legacies was held, in partnership with l'Université Paul Valéry-Montpellier 3 and l'Université d'Arras.


A Prize for Research
At regular intervals, the IIM awards prizes, among which there is a Prize for Research. This prize encourages awareness of work which brings an important contribution to knowledge of the arts of puppetry.



Portail des Arts de la Marionnette

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