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The dynamism and excellence of Research are, as well as the artistic demand in creation, the second field in which knowledge and recognition of puppetry are at stake. That is why the Institut International de la Marionnette created in 2012, alongside its Training pole, a pole for Research. Its function is to coordinate its activities concerning heritage, documentation, science and publication.


Through the different activities of this pole, the Institute wishes to encourage fundamental research on the arts of puppetry, foster the process of artistic creation, reinforce the links between the communities of research and those of creation, and share these approaches with the public.


The Research Centre has a team of permanent staff and draws on the expertise of a scientific committee made up of personalities connected with research, heritage and creation. Its vocation is to encourage cross-disciplinary dialogue and exchanges on an international scale.


In 2013, because of the scientific interest and the heritage value of its documentation centre, the IIM became a centre associated with the BnF (National Library of France).


Scientific committee
In order to discuss the orientations the Institut International de la Marionnette envisions for the upcoming years, Eloi Recoing and Raphaèle Fleury rely on an interdisciplinary scientific committee. This advisory body met for the first time in September 2017.

The Institute's scientific committee currently includes:
David Girondin-Moab, puppeteer, stage director and artistic director for the company Pseudonymo, Le Jardin Parallèle - a place for mentored residencies (compagnonnage), and the Orbis Pictus Festival in Reims, France;
Cristina Grazioli, performance arts professor, Padoue University (Italy), and associate at the Study Centre for contemporary arts at Lille University, France;
Patrick Le Boeuf, curator at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, in charge of puppet collections and the Edward Gordon Craig archives in the performance arts department. Specialist in the semantization of data processing for collections linked to performance arts;
Sally-Jane Norman, director of the New Zealand School of Music - Te Kōkī, Victoria University, Wellington (New Zealand), specialist in performance and digital arts;
Didier Plassard, theatre studies professor, specialist in puppetry and contemporary and modern theatre (Montpellier University 3, France);
Françoise Rubellin, 18th century French literature professor, specialist in fairground performances (Nantes University, France);
Julie Sermon, Theatre studies professor, specialist in contemporary forms (Université Lyon 2 / Passage XX - XXI, France) ;
Dinaïg Stall, puppeteer, stage director, DESS puppetry arts coordinator, University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), Canada;
Yannick Vernet, expert coordinator for Obs/IN, FabLab and digital projects supervisor at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Photographie d'Arles, France.

The Institute may call upon other complementary academic or professional expertise depending on the work being implemented. Nathalie Elain, academic coordinator for the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette, participates in the scientific committee meetings.





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