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In 2011, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the IIM, working ceaselessly to develop the arts of puppetry and widen their international influence, created three awards in keeping with its vocations:


Prize for Transmission, rewarding a great artist of puppetry who has worked, or is working with young generations

Prize for Research, given for a recent work of research which sheds new light on the arts of puppetry.

• Prize for Creation/Experimentation rewarding a recent young artist/company who has renewed the language, practices and aesthetic forms of the arts of puppetry.


Each of these prizes is awarded by an International Jury consisting of artists, academics, journalists and directors of festivals.

The trophy was designed by Luc Amoros, grand master of shadow theatre. He has reproduced the character of Püberg, avatar of Punch and Karagöz, created by the artist 30 years ago.

These prizes were awarded on 25 September 2015 during a ceremony presided over by Boris Ravignon, the mayor of Charleville-Mézières, President of the conurbation of Charleville-Mézières/Sedan, and Raymond Weber, President of the IIM. Two IIM Prizes for Research were awarded this year, as this prize was not awarded in 2013.


  • IIM AWARDS 2017

22 septembre 2017
Salle Ethiopienne, Charleville-Mézières
les nominés
ADAM Marthe - Prix de la transmission
LAZARO François - Prix de la transmission
OPHRAT Hadas - Prix de la transmission
le jury

ADAM Marthe
WEBER Raymond (Président)

THE IIM AWARDS Regulations

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