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Yoann Pencolé works with the companies Restouelle and Zusvex as an actor and puppeteer. At the ESNAM he worked with Roland Schön, with Philippe Minyana and in the latest Royal de Luxe show. In 2006 he directed and acted in the one-man puppet show Tout va très bien ("Everything's Fine") based on a text by Perrine Griselin.
Since his diploma he works as a glove puppeteer on the Chinese piece Odyssey 2 directed by Grégoire Callies. He also acts in a devised piece using clown work and theatre of found objects, Capharnaüm, directed by Alain Gautré. He takes part in Yeung Faï's piece Hand Stories as assistant and puppeteer.

Institut International de la Marionnette • 7 place Winston Churchill, 08000 Charleville-Mézières, France • +33 (0) 3 24 33 72 50