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Born on May 18, 1981 in Finland
After a practical training period in the theatre company Laura works with the Tohu-Bohu theatre in Strasbourg. She works also with Edouard Baer, the theatre company Le Sillon, the Théâtre du Gymnase in Marseille and Bertrand Bossard, Yngvild Aspeli, Sarah Lascar and the Théâtre Elabore... Laura is a member of the artistic collective "Collectif Grand Reservoir". For Laura puppet theatre is a multidisciplinary art form, full of magic and imagination. She identifies herself not only as an actress-clown and a manipulator but also a puppet builder and a playwright. For Laura theatre is a physical and emotional exchange, open for everyone.
A combat for a theatre that is not isolated from the world, but that is like a touch of a lover, of a travel mate, from a mouth to an ear, from one skin to another.
A few bleeding words for a muscular speech.
Dance and movement as a form of physical thinking.
Object as a reflection of oneself.
Theatre as a form of communication, as a form of manifestation.
Theatre as a contact sport.
Puppet theatre as a battle field, a lovers' bed, a field of discovery.

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