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David Lippe is a puppeteer and a director. Before the ESNAM, he followed Les Classes de la Comédie-CDN of Reims (1997-99).
As interpret, he works in particular with the Theater of the Fust / Emilie Valantin for les Castelets du Facteur Cheval (2005), the IIM and Jean-Louis Heckel for La Conquête du Pôle Sud (2006 ), the cie Houdart-Heuclin for Au fil de la mythologie (2009) and Padox Migrateurs.
Under the association taurillon, David Lippe develops his process of creation: two short forms preceded the creation of Partage : Entretaille and Silence On Parle, presented on numerous festivals in France and abroad.
In 2009, the association is transformed into a company which he co-manages with Perrine Cierco. The company Animatière has the vocation to develop varied theatrical projects with puppets; using it in contemporary forms but leaning on his historicity and the theatrical languages to which it refers. The created shows are Résister Cacher Protéger, and Elegance et Guillotine. Before was created the family show A Fables!
David Lippe is also director of the musical show In the garden of love (2008 Fuoco E Cenere) and of the show Don Qui? (2011, cie du Roi Zizo).

Institut International de la Marionnette • 7 place Winston Churchill, 08000 Charleville-Mézières, France • +33 (0) 3 24 33 72 50