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Christophe Hanon is a Comedian, Puppeteer, Director for The Maison Périeux (theater of objects and fireworks), and ROUGE BOMBYX (puppets) his two companies.
Puppeteer in several shows of Drolatic Industry (co-founder of the company), he also worked with Jean-Pierre Lescot, Jacques Falguières, Laurence Equilbey and acts as a comedian with street companies (Pied en Sol, Casus Délires)
Also decorator-builder for Pseudonymo, Casus Délires and Cavallis Fabrik and  director for music groups, (Les Voilà Voilà, Toutouic), street shows (Lever le Rideau,, Taknaw Parade, The Articulteurs) and customized special event managements.
He works in 2011/2012 with the company 3 6 30 for Violet of Jon Fosse and prepares a Punch ...



Institut International de la Marionnette • 7 place Winston Churchill, 08000 Charleville-Mézières, France • +33 (0) 3 24 33 72 50