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Alessandra AMICARELLI, stage designer, director

Born in Milan in 1971. Graduated in stage design at the Art Academy Brera of Milan in 1996. Graduated of the ESNAM in 1999.
She founded the StultiferaNavis Company in 2002 in order to create her own performances: Le Bateau Bleu (2002), Mirabilia (2005), Les Espériences Sensées (2006), Visioni Contemporanee della Marionetta (2007), Un souffle une ombre un rien (2009), Dialoghi tra città, Dialoguri intre orase, Villes en dialogue (2009), Cantates (2010), Urban Marionnette (2013), Cartes sur table (2014).
Since 2009 StultiferaNavis is based in Charleville-Mézières.
In her performances, she has a special attention to writing experimental scenic forms and to the role of the viewer inside the performative device.
She creates installations and immersive stage design in the urban environment and in specific contexts.
She managed workshops about contemporary art of puppet in France and Italy.



Institut International de la Marionnette • 7 place Winston Churchill, 08000 Charleville-Mézières, France • +33 (0) 3 24 33 72 50