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Studies dance for 7 years in Athens (Greece) and Lyon (France)

Graduated of the National School of Puppetry in Charleville

Diploma Aesthetic of Art – National Conservatory in Lyon

First Price of Composition in Electroacoustic Music - Music Conservatory in Amiens

Artistic co-director of  "La main d'œuvres"  (since 2008, www.lamaindoeuvres.com) and ex-artistic co-director of "Eclats d'Etats" (1998-2007 www.eclatsdetats.com) she bases her research on space and scenography through theatre of objects, images and movement. Many of her performances were played in Europe, United States and Tunisia.


 La main d'oeuvres is an association of research and creation defying  the lows of equilibrium. Centred on obsessions related to time and space, we create theatrical objects – performances  outside the norm  - where the plastic arts, acrobatics, straight  theatre of objects and music meet in a sort of poetical circus of objects. 

Institut International de la Marionnette • 7 place Winston Churchill, 08000 Charleville-Mézières, France • +33 (0) 3 24 33 72 50