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Teachers (2018-2019)

11th class and 12th class


French language

Teaching board ESNAM 12 (2018-2019)

Teaching board ESNAM 11 (2018-2019)

Teachers of the 11th class (2016-2019) - 3rd school year 2018-2019

Alexis Derouet | New technologies: about sound writing
Claudine Bocher et Daniel Migairou | Administration, management, networks: thinking about the administration of artistic project
Brice Coupey et Jean-Luc Ponthieux | Puppeteer instrumentarium: Puppets and musical improvisation
Roland Jean Fichet | Accompanying individual projects playwritting
Guy Freixe | Masked playing workshop: the neutral mask, the meaning masks and the half-masks
Claire Heggen | Puppeteer instrumentarium: particular needs and grammar
Christophe Loiseau | Extending the scope: Portraits
Phia Ménard | Extending the scope: Workshop based on Vortex
Karine Pontiès | Puppeteer instrumentarium: Rewrite the world inside us

Teachers of the 12th class (2018-2021) - 1st school year 2018-2019

Carole Allemand | Construction and manipulation of puppets: The alchemy of the molding
Anaël Ben Soussan et Camille Slosse | Vocal work: discovering the voice
Brice Coupey | Puppeteer instrumentarium : Basic training and hidden sides of glove puppet
Ombline de Benque | Construction and manipulation of puppets: construction of neutral glove puppet
Jérôme Descamps | Theoretical contributions: the puppet on screen
Eric de Sarria et Nancy Rusek | Puppeteer instrumentarium: the movement in the manipulation of carried puppets
Guy Freixe | Masked playing workshop: Mask and improvisation
Claire Heggen | Physical approaches of the actor puppeteer: Body and movement
Antoine Herniotte | Dramaturgy: Pelléas et Mélisande
Einat Landais | Construction and manipulation of puppets: Construction of a life-sized puppet
Boris Montaye | Scenography and principles of construction: The scenographic equipment
Fabrizio Montecchi | Puppeteer instrumentarium: The alphabet of shadows
Cédric Paga alias Ludor Citrik | Acting : Extension of the playfulness / Clown
Daniel Péraud | Workshop spaces and security
Gilles Ostrowsky et Sophie Cusset | Acting : King Lear Remix
Mark Tompkins | Physical approaches of the actor puppeteer: real-time composition
Muriel Trembleau | Scenography and principles of construction: intiation to scenography, discovering poetics of the space
Silvano Voltolina | Dramaturgy: Hier est impossible

Living languages

Doreen Chanonier | English
Giovanna Duruisseau | French as a foreign language
Agnès Lorrain | Spanish
Nathalie Élain,Studies coordinator

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