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  • 978-35539-147-7
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  • Co-edition : Institut International de la Marionnette et l’Entretemps
  • Field : Puppets
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  • Size : 22.7 x 28 cm
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  • Publication : March 2012

Edward Gordon Craig a dramatic author? We have difficulty in believing it, as the reputation of the English director was built around his utopia of a visual theatre, from pure movement in space, where speech is banished. However, during the First World War, while his school for actors in Florence had just been closed, he imagined a cycle of 365 plays for puppets which would be played by a travelling theatre: when he gives up his project, in the beginning of the \'20s, about 50 texts were either completed or only sketched out, which he would constantly come back to for correction or completion over more than 40 years.

Combining sometimes in one same play manipulation with string and glove, shadows and silhouettes, playing with all the resources of the theatre within the theatre and simultaneous scenes, these comic and satirical texts, almost all of them unpublished (only half a dozen of them were published, in limited numbers, during the author's lifetime) reveal a little-known aspect of the work of Craig. But they confirm the visionary character of this work, the dramatic inventiveness of his work is of such astonishing modernity.


Bilingual edition edited by Marion Chénetier-Alev, Marc Duvillier and Didier Plassard, from the manuscripts belonging to the collection Edward Gordon Craig at the Institut International de la Marionnette.
Illustrations: Edward Gordon Craig
French translation: Marion Chénetier-Alev
Scientific director: Didier Plassard


March 2012

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